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Our Weekend Home

July 31, 2006

–> My friend Danielle, who helped save me from the putzy wedding details that threatened my sanity

Tim and I traveled up to Appleton and Green Bay this weekend, both to visit our parents and to drop off my sixteen-year-old sister, LeeAnn, who had spent the week with us. We managed to stay in air conditioning for most of the trip, since the 100+ heat index isn’t really very friendly for people of the pregnant persuasion!Saturday night we visited a pool hall for a while,… just long enough for me to discover that my huge belly seems to prevent anything requiring skill. Oh, did I suck it up. But we had fun, since I was able to visit with our friends, Steinie and Danielle and my brother-in-law, Mike. Tim played pool too, but was distracted by a hunting arcade game.

We were also able to visit with my in-laws, who cooked for us, and were just in general wonderful hosts. Tim teases me that I’m as much their child as he is, since I share Bob’s love of cooking and experimenting with new recipes, Gloria’s love of candy corn and Grandma Gerry’s “look”. (You know, that look you give someone when they are being naughty? I’ve inherited it. I’m not so sure that’s something to brag about, however!) Bob has a pet raccoon, Lucky, who was very friendly when we went out to visit him. I’m still trying to talk Bob into letting me have him.And last but not least, Tim and I spend Sunday afternoon with my sister, Becca, and brother, Daniel. We went to the mall and window shopped to our hearts content,… and made up every single “yo mama” joke we could possibly come up with. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a car full of biological siblings laughing at “yo mama” jokes to scare rational people!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 1, 2006 10:33 am

    AHEM…someone said they weren’t coming home! Someone didn’t call their good friend Shaun…I’d like to hear some excuses 🙂

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