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Baby’s Name and Other Issues

August 8, 2006

Tim and I have spent many many hours trying to pick out the perfect name for our baby boy. If we are surprised and it’s a little girl, then we have an Ivy Kathleen,…. but as we’re planning on a boy, we’re a little stressed at not finding the “perfect” name yet. We had thought that Dante Kristopher was nice,… but there are just some issues with Dante that I have not worked through,… you know, the whole hell and torment innuendo might just be a little negative!So, we’re still working on it,… we have a list of names right now written on a big dry-erase board. If you’re really sweet and nice and leave me lots of comments, I’ll even post them here;)

In other news, I’m wondering whether I should call my doctor or not. I’ve got brownish discharge going (I know, just what you wanted to read about, right?!) and I’m not sure if it’s normal. I’ve had it a few times now, but it always stops soon,… so I doubt it’s my water breaking. 31 weeks is a little too soon! I’ve also been breathing through the sudden contraction, but as they have yet to become annoyingly repetitive (4 an hour) I don’t think it’s much of a concern.

Is it bad that I just want my body back? We love it that we’re having a baby, but I can’t help but feel like there’s a little blood sucking parasite in my tummy, and I WANT IT OUT!!!!! Oh well,… 9 weeks isn’t that long.

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  1. Catma permalink
    August 10, 2006 7:06 pm

    I do not know about the discharge, I would at least call the doctor and ask if I should come in. You can not be too careful. A friend of a friend’s water broke but labor did not start, they told her to go home but did not tell her to call her doctor. She waited several days and then called her doctor who told her to get to the hospital immediately. There were complications at delivery but they think it will be okay.

    I read the other day that you should go somewhere that you are not known and introduce yourself by the name you have chosen for your child. Well as Mrs. whatever and see people’s reactions. Having a weird name is torment, having a really, really, common name is not that great either. Go and be Mrs. Dante Kristopher and see how it feels, see if people look at you strange. A good name is important.

    You could be having Braxton Hicks contractions, to not hold me to the spelling. They occur in some pregnancies.

    Of course you want your body back and sweetie the worst is yet to come. The last month lasts a year. I am going to tell you something that I wish someone had told me. You may not feel this great up welling of motherly love. This person is a demanding stranger that you have to take care of night and day no matter how exhausted you are. You are just guessing what they want, are they wet hungry hurting. It is guess work until you learn their cry. Sometimes nothing will make them stop crying. You walk them and rock them and you do everything in your power to make it right and you do not know how and you cry too. I can understand how someone could shake a baby it is so frustrating and you feel so helpless. I did not love my baby, it took him 26 hours to get born and it was not pleasant. He was ungrateful and demanding and I really hated it at first. I was told that I was a really bad mother because I did not feel this immediate bond. I felt a better bond with the new puppy I got then I did with my own baby. It is normal to feel like this, you may have love at first sight you may not. It took me months to really feel that connection. I was young only 20 and it was hard to be a mother. I am sure you will fall instantly in love with your son but if you do not don’t worry you will.

    One more thing. They will put a lot of pressure on you to breast feed, and yes it is the best but sometimes it does not work. My daughter-in-law was determined to breast feed and my grandson was listless and losing weight. I begged them to try formula, no!! My neighbor told them the baby looked like a skinned rabbit. They finally gave some formula. I had them pump her breasts and on full suction after 15 minutes they got less than an ounce. My grandson was starving and they were killing him trying to do the right think. The nursing coach was still trying to get them to breast feed but there was no milk. Sorry this was almost a tragedy and I wanted to warn you.

    I just want to warn you that things may be different than you think and it is hard and it is wonderful. They do not come with rule books but they are user friendly and they do not have anything to judge you by so relax and remember some times you need to just let them cry and go in the other room and cry too. I know you know about the baby blues. It is real. Did you ever find yourself so excited about Christmas and then get depressed because it is not as wonderful as you thought it would be? It is like that so much build up and then the baby is here and you realize it is never gonna be the way it was before. You are trapped by the parasite until they are 18, you are with them or having someone else with them for years and years.

    Nobody ever told me these things. Motherhood is wonderful they told me. It maybe for you and I hope it is wonderful and all roses but if it is not at first, remember it gets better. You learn and you learn fast but it takes time. I will climb down off my soapbox now. Sorry if I said too much.

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