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My Doctor’s Visit

August 11, 2006

Last night I had a regular prenatal checkup at my doctor,… in fact, I got to see Dr. Lisa, who was off for a couple of months having a baby of her own! Anyway, everything looks good, the baby is right where it should be in size, and the heartbeat was around 139-140 beats per minute.Some news that is kinda interesting: I have only gained 8 pounds this entire pregnancy. Which is really encouraging to hear when I know the baby is healthy, and when I consider that I feel like a huge, bloated beached whale. My weight is being redistributed into my belly,… hopefully when the baby is born, that weight will just eventually magically disappear!

Some rather discouraging news: my ligament pain and cramps are not only making it difficult to sleep, they are now making it almost impossible to walk in the evenings. Unfortunately, Dr. Lisa says this is only going to get steadily worse until I give birth,… and also (joy of all joys!) my morning sickness is back, and is also likely to just get steadily worse until delivery! Most women have half a pregnancy of morning-sickness-free-days,… I get a week or two free.

Tim and I will have to go in soon for another ultrasound, just to double check that everything is fine with Baby’s kidneys. It’s just a precaution and nobody should worry,… but the upside is that we’re going to confirm our little boy is just that,… and eliminate any sudden shocks come October!

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  1. Catma permalink
    August 12, 2006 7:10 pm

    I am an October baby, a Libra. Do not get to excited about the slight weight gain. I did not gain any until the last two months and then it was like maybe 25 pounds and I had a nine pound baby. I left the hospital weighing less than before I got pregnant so that was good.

    I can remember the last two months feeling like a huge bloated whale, I hated to go out in public. Pregnant women are supposed to glow but I never did. I had my son in May so I avoided the worst of the summer swelling but it was bad enough. This was back before ultra sounds and modern day miracles.

    My mother-in-law had sent me a book about Natural childbirth. No one knew about it back then, fathers were not allowed in the delivery and did not come in the labor room. Men did not help with the birth. The wife was wheeled away and you set in the waiting room. It is so much better now. I did use the breathing techniques and they helped. I had a complication and they had to take an Xray, to discover that he had the back of his head in the birth canal and if I pushed him out it would break his neck. My parents and husband took turns being in the labor room with me as it was 26 hours it was not usual but I talked them in to allowing it. They finally had to put me under to turn him as he was big baby.

    I remember waking up and there was David with a big shit eating grin on his face saying it is boy, Mrs. McIntyre. I wanted to beat the snot out of him. It was a whale Mr. McIntyre nine pounds 2 and one quarter ounces and you had very little to do with it one little wiggler and some fun. I had nine months of pregnancy and 26 hours of labor and you are glowing with pride. Sigh… It is getting late. I will be around tomorrow.

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