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Birthday Week

August 18, 2006

If you read my most recent and even more recently deleted post, I’m sorry. I was just feeling bad for myself, so I deleted it. And now, I’m going to try to write about this week again!Sunday night we picked up my little sister, Becca, and my little brother, Danny. I already posted about the contractions,… but I don’t think I told you all how sweet my siblings were. They made sure I got the best pieces of pizza, and that I had my feet up,… Becca even helped do all the dishes, because I get so silly when my kitchen isn’t clean.

Monday evening, Tim and I spent an hour in the emergency room, because his wrist has been hurting, and we were afraid he had broken it. The doctor, after much poking and prodding and radiation, decided that it was just a sprain,… and Tim has lost the use of a hand, due to the brace he is wearing. We’re still a bit worried, because the pain doesn’t seem to be letting up as much as we’d hoped,… but he does seem to be getting better. I’m getting used to helping him button his shirts, since such fine details are really a two-handed job, and Tim has, at best, one and a half hands right now.

Monday night, after the ER visit, Becca was curled up on our couch, complaining about being cold. Since it was about 79 degrees in the house, we knew something was up,… and her temperature was almost 102 degrees and climbing. I called Mom to let her know, gave Becca ibuprofen, and bathed her arms, legs and head to bring the fever down. It peaked at 103 degrees,… but hovered between 101 and 102 until Wednesday morning. She was one sick puppy! It was especially frustrating when Becca would have a normal temp,.. and feel very hungry,.. but after one sip of juice or chicken broth, her fever would spike again. Thankfully she now feels much better!

Tuesday was interesting. Becca still needed lots of love and care, but Danny was feeling rather cooped up, so I tried to play video games with him,… we are expert Baldur’s Gate players! My mom had sent some presents for my birthday which I was able to open,… my favorite being a tea strainer in the shape of a little cat. Tim and Danny brought me another present that evening,… a little heart shaped locket,… they felt bad because my birthday was interupted by the flu bug.Wednesday and Thursday were mostly spend by the kids trying to entertain themselves, while I tried to regain some energy. I failed rather miserably,.. but I did enjoy my siblings’ company. Yesterday I kinda felt “in the dumps” in that I was sad, tired, and just disappointed,…. but after dropping the kids off with many hugs and kisses, and a long comforting talk with Timmy, I feel much better.

So this is the new and improved account of the week. Busy, slightly disappointing in some ways, but with it’s high points:)

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  1. Catma permalink
    August 22, 2006 6:53 pm

    Belated happy birthday. Sorry things were pretty rough for you there. I hope you do not get it, but buttoning shirts and tending fevers is good practice for later. I bet Tim is not as squirmy as that baby will be.

    Get used to being exhausted and having no energy. It will get worse before it gets better but it will get better!! Chin up and onward and upward!!

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