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Baby Preparations!!

August 22, 2006

Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Tim and I did some running this past Saturday, including a trip to Madison for a special birthday supper and a run to the Baby Depot for all those little baby things that we realized we didn’t yet have. We have yet to set up the baby room, so everything is rather piled up, waiting to be assembled and organized. Princess Monkey, our little baby girl (kitty), very much approves of the baby carrier we have,…. we surprised her taking a nap in it! Now, if any of the cats are MIA, we know to look in here first!In other news, Tim is slowly recovering from a really nasty bug. He’s had a fever since Sunday afternoon, and migraines and aches and pains have kept him on the couch for the past couple of days. Since his “sick” routine is to watch superhero movies, I’ve seen more than I want of vampires and gun-toting vigilantes,…. I think I’ll be glad when he’s back on his feet and at work! I’ve felt a bit achy and sore,… but I’ve escaped any fever, so I’m counting myself lucky!

In other news, I have much of my Christmas present stuff done,… this year, instead of spending a fortune on presents, I’m trying to make as many presents as possible. For example I’m making my Mom a shirt embroidered with beadwork, and a matching bracelet and watch,…. that way she gets something unique, and I invested time rather than my child’s college tuition:) (I feel safe telling you this, because I know my Mom doesn’t have a computer!) I’ll add some other things, like some herbal teas and stuff,… but the big expensive things are done! Yay!

Too bad my three brothers, grandpa and my mom’s boyfriend don’t really have any use for beads,…. it’s harder to make things for guys. I just can’t see my brother and a dangly pair of earrings working out,…

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  1. Fuck You Google permalink
    August 22, 2006 10:41 pm

    Haha, well the cat seems to like it.

  2. holly permalink
    August 23, 2006 5:52 pm

    I LOVE how cats own everything in their vicinity. We have so many pictures of kitties in silly places.

    My hubby was sick this weekend, too. Fever, chills, aches, pains. Mine likes to watch M*A*S*H and CSI when he’s sick.

    I’d love to see pics of your handmade Christmas gifts. I like to make a lot of my own things, too. Not only is it easier on the budget, but it’s soothing, and more personal.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    August 23, 2006 10:41 pm

    Hi there. Haha…you can tell it’s my first time blogging? I ran out of time to finish my thoughts on my best friend’s wedding. It will take time until I become a fluent blogger!

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