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We feel Healthy. Darn.

August 24, 2006

Tim is heading out the door on his way to work as I type this. I can’t really believe that it’s Thursday already,… since I had Tim home sick for those two days, I’m still mentally stuck on Tuesday. It’s a simple equation: Tim + Home = Weekend.While I enjoy Tim’s company, I’m rather enjoying the peace and quiet that only comes when I have the entire house to myself. No television! No action movies! Well, it’s quiet until the cats decide I need to give them attention,… but I’m hoping I can bribe them with some catnip:)The downside to this new and improved healthy lifestyle? I have to clean up after a week and a half of running a hospital. Lots of dishes and laundry, and not always the best smelling of things. I really dislike dishes (In my dream heaven, dishes will be not only edible, but so yummy nobody ever passes on the opportunity!) and am not looking forward to this.

I think I want to curl up in bed,… can somebody pass the flu?

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  1. Catma permalink
    August 24, 2006 5:21 pm

    You do not want the flu as there will be no you there to take care of you as you did the others. I know about the peace and quiet. The kids started school this week and the silence got so loud I had to turn on some music. No cartoon channel, no bickering, heaven but a bit lonely. I will adjust.I hope you avoid that bug.

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