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TGI Laundry Day???

August 25, 2006

My living room is full of laundry baskets. And I do mean full. I think every item of clothing Tim and I own is waiting for it’s turn to be agitated and tossed with gentle heat. I’d show you a picture, but then I’d have to apologize profusely for the mess,…. so I figure leaving a mental image is much better on everyone involved.Tim and I are going to finally get the laundry done. Last week Monday I had all the dirty laundry out and sorted, since we were going to run to the laundromat that night. Unfortunately, the ER visit and icky flu bug interferred,… and I want my house back, so Tim and I are having a “laundromat date” tonight. They really are the rage,… you get to spend time with that special someone as you fold socks and underwear. Very l’amoure 😉

I am a little excited about laundry tonight though,.. we are washing all the baby things so that everything is ready for little Gabriel when he decides to show up. I realize the thrill of baby laundry is short lived,… but I’m gonna enjoy it while it’s still exciting, and also not covered with poopy spills and spit up. Hey, it’s only been 10 years since I’ve taken care of a little baby,… I’m allowed to wax romantic, but it would be silly to forget the basic truth.

I’m also impatiently excited for this weekend in general,.. besides having a clean house (again) and setting up the baby room (finally), I get to see the baby’s godparents,… Bianca and Shaun. Shaun is moving back today sometime for the new semester, and Bianca is going to drive up sometime this weekend. I enjoy my peace and quiet, but these long summers in a college town can be way too long! I’ll try to keep my camera handy and show you fun action shots if I can,… Here’s Tim putting the crib together,… here’s Tim dropping the hammer,… here’s Tim at the ER,… here’s Tim’s awesome new cast,…

(I really shouldn’t pick on Tim so much. Not only is he the most amazing husband and daddy-to-be, but he occasionally reads this blog. You love me, right honey?!?!?!?)

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