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Announcing…. the Nursery!

August 28, 2006

I posted two shots of the baby’s room below this one,… I have to apologize. I’m just getting used to Flickr, and I’m not quite sure how to post more than one picture to a single post yet. It would probably help if I actually looked at the options available,… but that involves brain power I seem to be lacking at the moment.Saturday Bianca came to visit, and she and Tim assembled the crib, changing table and dresser for the nursery. They did a great job, even though the directions provided were not the right ones! I putzed around with little details, and made the bed.

On Sunday Bianca and Shaun both worked on the nursery with us,… we got the baby clothes folded and put into the appropriate drawers, we washed all the baby things, such as the high chair, swing, bassinet and bouncer, and we even got the carpet shampooed and deoderized. I can’t help but walk into the room every chance I get,… it just seems so cozy and happy and I can’t wait to put it to use!

One item I decided MUST be in the baby’s room is a little wooden table that my Great-grandpa Seine made for me as a little girl. He is my mom’s mom’s dad, and I remember as a little girl going to visit him in his woodshop. He always had projects all over, and I remember checking out each and every thing he made,… secretly hoping it was a surprise for me. He passed away when I was still very young, but I miss him,…. and I hope that with the inclusion of my little table, he’s getting a chance to see another excited little face:)

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