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Heartburn and College

August 29, 2006

My brother just called me, and it sounds like he’ll be starting college a week from today! I’m excited for him, he really deserves this opportunity, and I know he’ll be great. It’s kinda nice to not be the only college student in the family. And in three years my sister LeeAnn should start school, and my brother Tom will start when he decides he wants to,… so watch out world! We just might take it over! Or something like that…

My belly is huge. I just thought I should tell you all that. Last night I was up for most of the night drinking milk to settle the horrible heartburn that decided to wash up my throat, so it was a very good thing that we had run to the library when Tim came home from work! For any of you who wonder how much I really read,… from 8pm to 1am I read 3 books, or approximately 971 pages. Although, since midnight in Platteville really isn’t that exciting, I didn’t have any distractions, so I probably just flew through those pages.

Tonight Tim and I plan on going through all the stuff we had been storing in the baby’s room. Our friend, Travis, is coming to visit us this weekend, and we want the house to be nice and clean for his visit, so we have a deadline. And I’ve come to realize that I need to pack my hospital bag, since we might need it soon. Oh, I hope sooner rather than later!

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