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August 31, 2006

Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Tim has decided that since we have a picture of the other cats doing something “cute” with the baby things, we had to catch Yoda doing the same,…. so here it is! Yoda is playing in the baby’s bassinet. He’s a huge cat,… probably over 20 pounds (if he’d let us weigh him, so that’s an estimate)! We figure this is a really good way to make sure the strength and construction of Gabe’s nursery!Kitty tested, parent approved:)

Other than that, today promises to be fun. Tim has a business supper tonight, so he’s going to be gone for all of the day and most of the evening. Shaun is coming over for an adventure in painting,… we’re painting little wooden boxes to hold the christmas jewelry presents I’ve made. I’d like to think I’m saving money with all the little crafty things I’m doing,… but once you calculate the cost of paint, brushes, beads, wire, etc,…. I’m pretty sure I’m actually spending more than I would have otherwise. The fun level is much higher this way though,…. 🙂

On the baby front, there isn’t much new, really. Last night my belly was as hard as a rock, but it didn’t hurt at all. Gabe has honestly been a very good baby,… he wiggles in there, but has managed to avoid such things as kidneys and ribs. I can’t wait to meet the little individual who’s been sharing my body for the better part of the year!

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