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Happy Labor Day:)

September 4, 2006

I’m yawning as I sit here,… it’s 1:30am, so officially Labor Day. I hope you are having (or had, depending on when you read this) a great holiday. Tim and Travis are sitting in the kitchen, playing a board game called Settlers of Catan for about the 23rd time. They really love the game. I enjoy it, but I’m not as much a strategist as they are. I prefer games like Scattergories or Scrabble, although we all enjoyed In a Pickle, the new game we bought and played earlier this evening. We’ve also played several variations of poker, the Family Feud DVD game, and attempted to play a Lord of the Rings game in the past two days. This is definitely a gaming weekend!Our kitties are finally getting socialized, although very much against their wills. Mia, Shaun’s very cute puppy, has been over and visiting both yesterday and today. The cats are slowly getting used to her, although Baxter still voices his opinion on the matter frequently. (Hisses and yowls are definitely expressive coming from him!)

School starts on Tuesday, and for the first time in what seems like forever, I’m not a part of it. I had expected to feel nothing but joy and happiness at the extended break, so I’m surprised to find that I’m actually missing it a bit. I caught myself looking at backpacks today, and I’m really (pathetically?) excited about taking such things as spanish, sociology, psychology and biology this winter. However, I do NOT miss the papers. It seemed I was always writing something or another,…. and I kind of like having this blog (and my Myspace blog, although that has all of two posts, so I’m not sure it counts) as my only writing responsibilities. I may just have to retire as official copy-editor/writing center person extroardinaire. Then again, come January, I may even miss writing papers, so I shouldn’t plan on anything.

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  1. Catma permalink
    September 5, 2006 4:34 am

    I was a sophomore in college and had to miss spring quarter because the baby and exams were due at the same time. My husband had to leave me in the hospital in labor to go and take an exam. No big deal, I was in labor a while so there was plenty of time. I remember watching everyone else go back to class and being so sad that I could not go. I was back by second summer session. It took a lot of juggling. My aunt would keep Michael while I was in class as a last resort. David and I tried to stagger our schedules so that I could pass the baby to him when he came out of class and I went in if this could not be done then I dropped him at my aunt’s. We had no car, only bicycles, and a baby backpack. I never would ride with the baby on my back but David could. I walked, baby on my back, books in my arms, to class and everywhere else. I used my big baby carriage for laundry and grocery shopping. What memories you have brought back this morning. They have a wonderful transit system in town now but now way back then.

    Modern students are so lucky, they have computers, word processors, and the Internet. I had a manual typewriter and the library and the card catalog. With those tools, I would had an easier time of things. Just musing.

    Gabe, that sounds like a good strong name. Not to common nor to out there. That should not get him picked on in kindergarten or high school gym.

    I am up at 5:30am as my husband’s pager went off. It was a dumb question which did not need to be asked if you had a brain in your head. The coffee maker decided to go on strike this morning when coffee is a must. David whacked it and it decided to change its mine a brew a pot. I love men and their mechanical know how.

    I am glad you have the nursery up and ready. This is an exciting time with the end in sight. I check in here weekly but do not comment on every entry. I have time this morning to visit. It is pouring rain, day two. Yesterday everyone was working, no holiday for anyone but the grandkids. They were here for 10 hours so I worked I just did not get paid. I also taught my water aerobics class so that counted as working too. We had our cook out and played in the pool on Sunday so we had a little celebration. Labor Day is rather a yawn of a holiday in my book, the mail does not run and the liquor store is closed. Big deal.

    I glad things are going well for you and I look forward to pictures of Gabe and welcoming him to the world. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy. You did not know your stomach could get that big did you? I will check in on you again in a few days.

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