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Step by Step

September 6, 2006

Have you ever had the flu so bad that you could barely walk from the couch to the bathroom? That’s what life feels like sometimes,…. every day, every activity is just like getting one foot in front of the other. I kinda feel like that today.

I have a bunch of laundry to put away. Yes, it’s been done and ready to be put away for a week or two now,… but it’s on the bedroom floor, and I’d have to bend over to get it,… and bending over immediately throws me into a contraction. So for the past several nights, I’ve resolved that tomorrow I’m gonna finally get it done,… and tomorrow never seems to come.

The dishes are done, yet again. I’ve been getting better at keeping up with them so it isn’t a huge chore,… but the sink is just low enough that my back kills me after washing just the utinsels. I can just tell that I’m going to have back labor,.. and I’m not sure I can handle that. I’m used to cramps in my abdomen, what with IBS and all these Braxton-Hicks contractions (and whoever said they are not painful must have been a masochist!) I know how to breathe through them,… but I’m not sure I can handle the back pain that hits me every now and then.

Today we got a disconnect notice for the water. Apparently it’s going to be shut off tomorrow morning. Now, if we had missed paying the bills, I would 1. rush to pay the bill, and 2. not complain to anyone cause it’s our own fault. But all the water for this house in on one meter,…. that’s three apartments, mind you, so it’s legally (not to mention ethically) the landlord’s responsibility. Our landlord is apparently not paying for the water,… and while the water department here in town is very nice and sympathetic,… they can’t do anything about it. Money is money, and the water goes here. I wish we could get ahold of our landlord,… but they appear to not be answering the phone. Huh.

I’m sure I’m being very crabby and uncharitable because of a serious lack of sleep and just a general level of frustration. I get swabbed tomorrow for a strain of strep down there, and it’s just not something I’m looking forward to. Maybe I need to just curl up and take a nap with my Grumpy Bear. Right now he looks downright cheerful;)

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