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Regular Baby Update

September 8, 2006

It may be almost 4am, but since I’m not able to fall asleep, I thought I would update you all on the baby front. I had my regular 35 week check-up, and everything seems to be going well. I’m still not gaining weight, but since the baby is, there doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about. Tim and I have decided that we’re gonna at least try the breastfeeding route with Gabe,… one pleasant side effect of that is that it just helps you shed pounds like crazy. Wouldn’t it be really funny if I ended up much thinner as a result of being pregnant? Talk about an unconventional diet plan!

We’ve also been advised to get the hospital bag packed. I’ve had pretty steady and sharp contractions and stuff for the past several weeks, and Dr. Tyler thinks that I might dilate somewhat long before I ever realize I’m ready to deliver. Which means a shorter, easier labor! Who’s gonna argue with that, I ask you?

I am not silly enough to even want to go through labor without drugs, but I had been planning on avoiding an epidural. If you’re not sure what that is,… it’s where pain-killing drugs are administered via an iv inserted in your spine. But Dr. Tyler showed me the iv,… it has a needle which is used for the actual insertion, but the part that stays there is a flimsy plastic piece. I know there is a small chance of something going wrong,… but the idea of actually enjoying my labor and the birthing process kinda makes it an appealing idea.

So, everything is good here,… we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little boy, and I’m eagerly awaiting the day I can wear my jeans (without elastic waistbands! Woo!) and snugly fitted jackets. Oh, and high heels. I can’t wait to torture my feet in those adorable heels that are cluttering up my closet:)

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  1. Catma permalink
    September 8, 2006 7:10 pm

    You are looking forward to enjoying your labor. Giggle, chortle, sniff, cough, choke, giggle, snort. Sorry,I am proud of your attitude and your fortitude.

    I wanted to be conscious when my boy was born but they needed to knock me out because I might have needed an immediate C-section. When the doctor said that I could have cheered. After 26 hours of labor I was ready for some relief. I really did not want to experience the actual birth, I was so exhausted and tired of pain. I am glad I did not have to as he weighted over 9 lbs. The doctor was expecting 7 lbs. No fancy ultra sounds back then. It was all guess work.

    I came home from the hospital weighing less than when I got pregnant. It can be done.

    I am glad that you, Gabe and Tim are doing alright. It is almost over, then it really begins. Oh, my, I am looking forward to you becoming a mother. I know what is coming, it should be interesting to sit back and read about it. Been there done that, sit doing it actually. A mother is always a mother.

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