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I have dial tone!!!

September 11, 2006

I’m in a better mood today than I was over the past several days. Friday was an up-in-the-air kind of day, since I had contractions starting at noon. They were not the sharp, crippling kind, but rather the unending sense of discomfort kind. I was a little (and by little I really mean alot!) worried because mixed in were rhythmic back contractions,… which is one of the signs of real labor. I kept in contact with the hospital, and just tried to stay off my feet and drink water. They didn’t end until around 6am Saturday morning,…. let me tell you, I was really keyed up that night!On the bright side, Friday night we finally packed the hospital bag and diaper bag, so we’re ready for any emergency water breakage!

Saturday the contractions resumed around noon, but Tim and Shaun endured my need to walk, which helped relieve my back, and they properly pampered me and made me keep my feet up. I could have cried, mostly because it felt like I was dealing with pains that didn’t have the end result of putting Gabe in my arms. My mom was a huge source of comfort,… she couldn’t do much over the phone, but she kept reminding me that my body was working for the benefit of the baby.

Sunday was great in comparison. I was back to normal, with the sporadic contractions,… I had no appetite, but that I could deal with. The only problem was that our phone didn’t work all day,… so I couldn’t get my internet addiction fix:) Instead Tim and I watched part of a very depressing Packer game, did the dishes together while singing our hearts out to music, experimented in the kitchen, and cuddled. So not having the internet really wasn’t that bad.

Today the telephone repairman came by and fixed the short in our line,… which was an interesting experience. He was a very nice guy, friendly and talkative. Maybe too talkative, since in the 15 minutes he spent in the house, I learned that he was married to a vegetarian, had been a single father for the most part, was married 3 times, didn’t get “much” in “that way”, had a vasectomy, liked his meat and potatoes, had 3 cats and dogs but no success with the pet water fountain that we have,… and that’s a short list. It was weird, because half the time I could not think of any appropriate response. “You’ve been snipped? GREAT FOR YOU!!!” just doesn’t seem like polite conversation. He really was a nice guy, and I feel bad for teasing him like this, because he is the wonderful, generous, brave and handsome man who gave me back a dial-tone:)

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 12, 2006 8:20 am

    and let you talk to me 🙂

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