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Rain, Rain Go Away

September 12, 2006

We’re on our fourth day of gloomy, rainy weather, and I’m starting to doubt whether such the sun even exists anymore. I’m one of the biggest fans of fall,… I can’t help but feel burbles of joy well up when I step out on my front porch and smell the crisp morning air, and see brightly colored leaves and whirligigs falling from the trees in my front yard. I’m not such a fan of huge spiders, but I like the webs they leave, especially when morning dew is glittering from them in the sunshine. And I can’t wait to start all this burbling joy, so I feel as if the rain is especially disappointing somehow, right now.I’m dealing with feelings of homesickness right now, too. Part of it is that every day is one day closer to Gabe’s coming, and I remember what it was like when Mom would have a new baby. Everyone, family and friends alike, would stop by the house to drop off a warm casserole and fresh baked bread, and end the visit by peeking at the newborn. While Bob and Gloria, my mom, sisters and Danny are all excited about coming to visit when I go into labor, I just know it isn’t going to be quite the same. As a little girl, I remember that every Sunday afternoon was set aside to visit either grandparents or great-grandparents, and I wish that we lived closer so Gabe could have that same memory. And I wish that I could just “drop in” and visit loved ones when it works out, rather than scheduling everything into weekends that just don’t seem to come often enough or last long enough.

But enough of that. I had a little thrill today,… what my mom would laughingly call a “cheap thrill.” I had to find warmer clothes, because most of my maternity clothing is summery. I discovered that many of the pre-preggy clothes I packed away last spring not only still fit, but are big on me. My brother had gotten me an Abercrombie sweatshirt for Christmas last year, and it was always a little snug, but I’m almost swimming in it now, except for the tummy area. Of course Tim is dreading the bill when I discover how many new clothes, in new sizes, I will need after the baby, but I can’t help but feel excited, and just a little bit less like a beached whale.

And I just have to share this. Tim has started a new tradition. When I was a little girl, one of my most favoritest memories was “tea-time” with Mom, where we brewed a pot of licorice mint tea, and sat talking. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been caught up in the past a bit lately, and Tim learned about this. So he’s started brewing us a cup of tea each night, and we get to sit and sip together. I feel so special. Gloria, you really did a good job;)

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