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Summer Leaves

September 14, 2006

Summer Leaves
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Yesterday felt like such a tease, with sunshine poking through every now and then between the cloud cover. So this morning, when I woke up to such clear skies, I had to try for a picture of what was making me so happy. I only wish I had Catma’s skill with photography!Tomorrow I go in for my 36 week check up, so I’m a little excited. It will be nice to know how I’m doing,… which will be better than monitoring every little muscle twitch. Waiting for something to happen is quite frustrating when nothing is happening! Afterwards Tim, Shaun and I are going to enjoy supper at Olive Garden, since we have a gift certificate to use, and I have a deep and abiding desire for never-ending pasta. Mmm, noodles!

Today promises to be a busy one, since Bianca (Gabe’s godmother) is going to stop by after she finishes working out internship details on campus, and our friend April is going to visit later this evening. I’ve been handpainting glass christmas ornaments, and I’m going to keep working on that today. I like how they are turning out, one has grapevines and a Bible verse,… the others have phrases from christmas carols and various designs and patterns on them. After I’m done I’ll decide what to do with them:)

And if you’ve visited this blog in the past 24 hours, I think I have to apologize. Tim and I kept playing with the background, text colors, and pretty much anything else we could change,… which made it rather interesting for awhile. I really like this fall theme though,.. do you think it is easier to read than the old format? (If you’re reading this on Facebook notes, don’t worry about it. The text and photos are transfered from Blogger, but that’s it.)

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