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September 21, 2006

Thank you for those well wishes,.. they seem to have worked! I had my appointment today, and my blood pressure is back to a healthy level, the cranberry pee is a thing of the past, preeclampsia is no longer any of a concern, and baby Gabe is in perfect position, head down and everything. The doctor checked my cervix (which I just hate, but it was for a good reason, so anyway) and discovered that I’m 1 – 2 centimeters dilated. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that I’m going into labor right away,.. it could still be a while.

If I don’t go into labor sooner, I will be induced 10/4/2006. That’s less than two weeks away. So when it comes down to it, I really am almost done! That makes me so happy.

Although an interesting thought,… Mom gave birth to me after a doctor checked her cervix. Something about the stimulation and whatever,… and I’ve been having contractions ever since I walked out of the doctor’s office. So maybe I won’t have to wait 2 weeks,…. although I’m trying really hard NOT to get my hopes up!

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  1. nadine is wishing you well permalink
    September 22, 2006 2:56 am

    Dear Heather,

    Glad to know that things are getting better with your pregnancy.

    For that, my pals and I at believe that you (and the baby) deserve to be awarded HEALTHY BLOGGER THIS WEEK!

    It’s a weekly award given to those who are healthy, willing to get healthy, in the process of getting healthy…


    BTW, you can put the award logo on your blog. Simply e-mail me at nadine at healthifica dot com.

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