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I Survived the Weekend!

October 2, 2006

Well, it’s Monday morning, and I’m still at home with a belly that kicks back. Since everybody’s plans seem to have fallen into place so well, I was almost sure that I would go into labor at the most inconvenient time,…. but somehow Murphy’s Law missed me this weekend:)

Tim and I had a very enjoyable Saturday,… we drove to Gays Mills, which is the apple community around here,… every mile or so you drive past another orchard. We bought apples, homegrown potatoes, fresh cider, and gourds and indian corn,…. and drove around beautiful scenery. I almost cried,.. I had forgotten to bring my camera, and the leaves were at peak color up on the hills, with the trees in the lower valleys still green. I only wish I could have shared that with you all!

The rest of the weekend was spent in housework. We have a room here which has evolved into the “catch-all” room,… first it held our chest freezer and kitty paraphanalia, but soon it held anything we couldn’t find another place for. Tim decided to clean it out Saturday afternoon, and last night he did. The room is organized, with a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I’ve got everything else done,… I’m completely serious when I say that I have about an hour of chores to do today, then I am COMPLETELY out of anything to clean. If I wasn’t scheduled to give birth, I’d throw a party:)

Tomorrow my mom and sisters and littlest brother come down to visit and help me prepare for Wednesday. They are going to bring food and yummy stuff,… and I get to enjoy their company instead of chewing my fingernails off:) I can’t believe that this whole pregnancy is almost over,… it just seems surreal at the moment.

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