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Sleepy Babe

October 11, 2006

Sleepy Babe
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

I wanted to take a pic of Gabe today to share,… and he opened his eyes just as the flash went off,… talk about a surprise! And just so you know, he didn’t cry a bit.

Yesterday Gabe was very active,.. it seemed that he didn’t want to sleep hardly at all. It was Tim’s last day at home, so he got to enjoy alot of active time with his son. I was a bit worried last night, because Gabe only got up twice during the night (aren’t newborns supposed to wake up alot more than that?) and he wasn’t more than mildly fussy when I fed and changed him. Also, his rampant poopy diapers of the first two nights home were lacking,… he had one wet diaper and one poopy diaper. I’m hoping this is all good,.. he has another doctor appointment tomorrow, so we’ll find out then.

I’m worried because my baby sleeps during the night and doesn’t cry at all. Hmm.

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