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Cuddled in the Sling

October 18, 2006

Cuddled in the Sling
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

Gabe had his last weight check yesterday,… the doctor was very impressed with Gabe’s 6lb 6oz size, considering that by today (two weeks) they wanted Gabe to have regained his birth weight. Everything looks well, and the doctor said that Gabe is a perfectly healthy and normal little baby! We don’t have to go back to the doctor until his regular one month wellness check, but I think I can do okay at taking care of him!

We’re not quite so blessed at breastfeeding right now. If anything, Gabe is too good at it,… we can’t use a shield anymore, since he’s just a tad too aggressive for it,… and for various reasons he needs that shield to nurse. So at this point I’m a pumping mother, which I’m not really happy with, but I do get to make eye contact with my baby as I feed him. And as long as I can give Gabe every advantage within my power, I’m going to be content. Besides, I’ve cried myself out, it seems!

Gabe is dealing with some kind of bug, but it isn’t too serious. He just requires more cuddling and loving than ever,… which is something I can’t run out of:) Tim and I are battling the same bug, and we think cuddling with Gabe makes us feel better too! (Unless, of course, it’s 3am, he’s completely fed and changed, and we want to sleep more!) I tried out my baby sling yesterday, hoping I could use it to do chores while keeping Gabe close,… and the verdict is still out. I’m paranoid about supporting his neck and back, but it seems to do okay. Now I have to see how my back does.

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