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A Back-To-Normal Evening, and a Rough Night

November 16, 2006

Tim and I went out on a date last night, with a visit to Borders bookstore and dinner at a restaurant. We had a great time, and it was kind of an experiement, since we brought Gabe with us. Of course he managed to charm everyone, including our waitress and the manager:) And yes, he was a very good baby. It was just difficult to eat while holding him up, since he wanted to see everything, and the carseat was too limiting!

(Out of curiosity, is there a less sexist word to use than waitress? My brain is really shut off today, and I can’t think of anything other than “Person who waits on a table”.)

Both Gabe and I are getting used to formula feedings,… I really enjoy cuddling him as close as I can while feeding him. There is one plus that I’ve found so far,… I get to maintain eye contact during feedings, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:) The downside to getting used to this (and probably because of the lack of weaning) is that Gabe seems to be very constipated,… I think that’s why he cried so much last night. Tim was so tired from earlier late nights, so I took care of Gabe. There is nothing more upsetting than listening to your baby cry and scream and have no way to make it better:( I cried myself, a little bit, last night.

I keep dwelling on Thanksgiving; I can barely wait to visit my family. My mom and siblings have not seen Gabe since he was roughly 2 weeks old, and he is so very much bigger now. My grandparents and brother John have yet to meet him,… and he gets to meet his Great great aunt Arlene, which will definitely be a Kodak moment!

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