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Do a little Poopy Dance!

November 20, 2006

Last night the three of us twirled around, performing our rendition of the classic “Poopy Dance.” You know, that’s the dance that either declares intent, or celebrates completion:) In our case, we were celebrating completion,.. since Gabe seems to be over his poopy problem, with three very dirty diapers last night.

If you had told me a year ago that I would write about poopy dances, I think I would have committed you. Oh, the difference a year makes!

We had an enjoyable weekend, with a lazy Saturday. Tim spoiled me by taking the baby almost all night on Friday night. Gabe tends to nap during the day, and demand attention at night,… which is really hard on his parents. Saturday night Tim and I split the responsibility, and last night Gabe surprised us by both crying non-stop all evening, (SCARY!) then sleeping through the night with only 3 quick nips at the bottle. I hope we are starting a new trend,… the sleeping at night part, not the screaming part;)

Yesterday our little family went up to Madison to visit Bill and Kelly and Alexis, who are friends of ours. Both Bill and Kelly went to the same school as Tim, and Alexis is their baby. It was so nice to visit with parents who know exactly what we are going through, because either they are also going through it, or they just recently went through it. I found myself constantly asking, “Did you have this happen?” It was a very enjoyable afternoon, capped off by some shopping for baby things. We were hoping to visit longer, but Gabe was due to start fussing, and Tim was crabby tired,… I was enjoying being out and about and participating in adult conversation, so I could have kept going:) Hopefully we can do that again!

Just a quick note. Alexis is several months older than Gabe,… and she is so cute! Blonde hair and big blue eyes, and after holding little Gabe, she seems like such a big girl! I find myself excited to see Gabe when he’s that age/size, but a little scared, cause he’s such a cute little baby, and he will never be this small again! I feel like I have to save every bit of cuddle and smile and feeding and diaper changes and even sleepless nights into my memory, cause they’ll be gone so fast!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 20, 2006 11:01 am

    Its too sad to see O fans of Baby Gabe so I had to leave something here!

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