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Thanksgiving History

November 22, 2006

The first Thanksgiving Tim and I spent together was a rather miserable one,… I was sick with what we later discovered was bronchitis and sinusitis. I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy the meals that day,… since the turkey and dressing had no taste. This year I find myself remembering that, mostly because I came down with a cold yesterday, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to taste dinner this year either.

Gabe is enduring his first cold. I’m keeping a close eye on him, and trying to comfort him. Since I can’t sleep while my nose is stuffed up, I’ll have plenty of time to do it:(

We are excited about this holiday, however. Gabe gets to meet his grandpa (my dad) and great-grandparents on both sides. He also gets to meet Uncle John, who is in general too busy with basketball and classwork for baby time. And Gabe gets to spend plenty of time with his grandmas,… mostly so I can try to sleep.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and snot-free Thanksgiving this year:)

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