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It’s COLD out!

December 5, 2006

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Snow Suit, originally uploaded by timmyheather.

When I went outside to start the car for Tim this morning, the temperature was 8.5 degrees, and that isn’t including the windchill. I guess I should be grateful that we’re south of Tim’s family in Green Bay, since CNN reported that GB should have windchills of -40F. Ick!

Tim and I took Gabe out a couple of nights ago, and bundled him up in his snowsuit because of the cold. I couldn’t resist taking a picture, since he looked especially cute and cuddly. Just wait until I can take a picture of him in his 3-6 month snowsuit,… it’s a giant Pooh!

Last night Tim let me sleep without a single wake-up call from Gabe,… I can’t tell you how spoiled I feel today:) My guess is that he was giving me an early anniversary present, since our first wedding anniversary is coming up this Sunday. We don’t have a baby sitter, so we’re going to cook a special supper together and cuddle with our baby on the couch and probably kiss for a little while. And then change a diaper. And then probably kiss again:)

Gabe is a fussy baby today,… which really is the same as the past week in general. I’m glad that he’s fussy (!) since he was so sleepy and floppy when he was at his sickest,… if he has the energy to get downright grumpy with me, then I know he can’t be too sick. As always, music calms Gabe down,…. so far today we’ve listened to Silly Songs with Larry (always a favorite with Mommy!) and some Christmas music. Gabe is in a wiggly mood, so we’re listenting to Pearl Jam now,… Gabe has such good taste!

I am so ready for Christmas,… Tim and I are working together on those last minute presents,… we’re making candy, cookies and other baked goods for some gift baskets,… I can’t wait to try out a few recipes I’ve had my eye on,… if they turn out really well I’ll share them. Unless they turn out so well I decide to keep it a secret,…. thus hopefully making me indispensible at everybody’s Christmas parties next year:)

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