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Scary Strangers

December 21, 2006

This is a pet peeve of mine:

Why is a baby irrisistable to all the sick strangers in the world? Gabe is too young to crawl, he isn’t in day-care and spends most of his time in the house. Yet, when I do get the chance to take him out and about, I cringe. Why? People can’t seem to leave him alone, and they inevitably have a red, irritated nose from a cold, or they have a lingering cough, or what have you. And they touch my baby, and they lean over and breathe all over him. And the sicker the person is, the more insistent they are about seeing the baby, it seems.

I was bundling up Gabe, and I look up to see a larger woman barreling towards me. Slightly alarmed, I speed up the bundling process, since there is a woman roughly the size of Utah barreling towards me. Covertly glancing at the approaching woman, I decide she is the size of Texas,… and she yells out, “Don’t you dare cover that baby up yet! I’ve GOT to see him!” Cause, you know, since it takes a village to raise a child, the whole village has rights to the child. (This lady really wasn’t actually a large person, but she sure seemed larger-than-life for a little bit there!) I’m not sure what she intended to do if I didn’t let her see MY child,… I was a little too scared to find out!

I had a package delivered, and the very nice delivery lady wanted me to sign for the package. I turn to put Gabe down, and she literally snatches him out of my arms and starts cuddling and cooing at him. Now, I completely understand that Gabe is the cutest baby in the world, but he’s MY cutest baby in the world, and he’s MY baby to LET you hold. I smiled at her as I snatched him right back,…

And maybe the worst: We were bringing Gabe home from the hospital, and Gabe and I were waiting at the doors for Tim to bring the van around. There was a nurse helping me with everything, since I was still pretty loopy from the pain meds for my cesaerian. Three ladies walk in to the hospital, and one is obviously sick, since the other two are helping her as she needs it. Instead of walking to the receptionist, they make a bee-line to “Oh my Gawd! There’s a BAYYYYYBEEEEEEE!” I was so ready to tackle her, but first of all, I couldn’t even stand straight, so I’m not sure what that would have done to my abdomen (and I didn’t want to find out!) and it wouldn’t look so good tackling a tiny, sick little grandma lady.

It seems like having a baby opens your life up to everyone who likes kids. or wants kids. or had kids. or can’t have kids. And while the problem is mostly over, it’s still a concern for me. Gabe has been hit with pneumonia, which was a result of that harmless little cold that everyone had. He still has the cough from that cold, and we still worry about it. He isn’t eating much this week, and I’m carefully monitoring how much he can eat and how much his diapers are used,…. because of that harmless little bug that nobody thought about.

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  1. Catma permalink
    December 27, 2006 3:41 pm

    Hi Heather, I am glad you had a good Christmas, your life seems good. I am sorry so many people want to get their hands on Gabe. Some people just love babies. I am not one of them, I can not keep my hands off of a puppy though. I never much liked dolls either. I am sorry to hear that Gabe had pneumonia. I had it at 25 and it kicked my butt for 6 months. At his age he should start bouncing back. You are monitoring him and you will get him to the doctor if he needs to go.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, I am glad you are so happy, you deserve it.

    I have not been around much, just going through my on life changes. You know you meet a man on the Internet and fall in love and then find that because he loves you, your repressed memories decide to come back and you find a hidden past of sexual and physical abuse that your Christian parents did to you when you were young and that a blow that cracked your skull and put you in the hospital caused the memories to disappear until 6 months after your dad died.

    My mom gave me a coat of dad’s that had been stored in the basement and the smell of that coat triggered a lot of shit to surface but the love of my new man allowed me to face it and start putting it behind me. My new love is a wonderful man and he has helped me through this and is waiting until I recover fully and then we are starting a new life together.

    My husband knows and we are living together as friends, my son and his wife know they need to find a sitter come spring. I am happy and in love and I have never been either. I knew when I completely repressed my wedding night and made it go away, I had abuse in my background and suspected my brother but to discover that my dad was sexually abusing me and that my mom was physically abusing me out of jealousy was a bit of a shock. I will not bore you with the details but, I am a new person, I love life and I am eager for my new adventure to begin. I have also finally escaped the Christian indoctrination from my past and have become a Taoist. I just wanted you to know why I have been ignoring you. It started in October, and I am finally beginning to settle in to the new person I have become. I just wanted you to know that I am fine.

    I wish you the best Heather and with that man and that wonderful son you have a great life ahead of you!


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