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Croup, Chinese and Cuddles

January 7, 2007

This is a picture of one of my Christmas presents – it’s a Mother and Child necklace. I’m putting this picture on here to ask a favor. If anybody could tell me where I could find similar sculptures, I’d really appreciate it! I know I’ve seen similar artwork somewhere… Every single aspect of this piece seems significant to me; from the graceful, feminine lines to the ever-enduring circular theme and the implied strength of metal. (Can you tell my art professors have rubbed off on me?!?)

In other news, Gabe is working his way through a cold. This one came on all of a sudden: one minute he was sleeping in his crib, the next I was rocking him as he struggled to breathe. Thankfully he is breathing much better now – it was a scary start to the weekend!

He’s only just 3 months, but Gabe has me soooo wrapped around his pudgy little fingers,… Tim and I are both noticing that it doesn’t exactly matter what I do with Gabe, but rather that it’s me doing it that matters. And I guess that’s why mommies are special – although I can’t get Gabe as completely excited and thrilled to be “SuperBaby!” as Tim can, so I know daddies are pretty special too!

Tim and I are making the best of our “sick” weekend,… we ordered in chinese food (moo shu chicken! Yay! moo goo gai pan! Eh…) and played Final Fantasy XII. Well, Tim played mostly, since it’s hard to share that game,… I cuddled my very cute and very sick little boy, and secretly plotted to sneak in some LarryBoy adventures!

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  1. Kelly permalink
    January 7, 2007 3:58 pm

    i know i have seen those somewhere too. Often in places that sell wedding gifts but i did search google too.

    we should get together again, it was fun.

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