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Why Am I Blogging In The Wee Hours Of The Morning?

January 20, 2007

Gabe woke up screaming tonight (not routine behavior) but went to sleep after a diaper change and bottle. I, on the other hand, am on full-alert and can’t sleep again. To complicate matters further, Tim is snoring. (He normally isn’t this bad – I think he isn’t feeling very good at the moment.) All of this to say I think I started my day at 3:00am today.

Tim and I are also trying an experiment. We moved this past week, and the place we’re living now does not have cable. I can have DSL, but I don’t get television,… and we’re going to see if we can live comfortably with that. For some reason we don’t even get local channels here (maybe all the hills interfere?) but we figure we have enough movies, PS2 and GabeCube games to entertain ourselves for a LONG time.

And I only really miss my CNN morning news and late-night Recipe TV, so I don’t think I’m out that much. Unless it’s morning or late night. Ironically, it’s both at the moment.

Gabe’s godfather Shaun called me last night – he is officially an uncle! His sister Chantae had a little boy, Gage, who is very very cute, but also rather sick with some heart defects. I am hoping that everyone can send prayers and well-wishes Gage’s way! Thanks!

Also, my friend Mandi has a little boy, Zander, who had some “poop” issues recently – please keep him in your prayers as well! He’s a sweet little boy (and the big brother of a cute cute little sister!) and I hope everything runs smoothly (That might be a bad pun…).

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  1. Jason&Mandi permalink
    January 22, 2007 10:14 am

    Thanks for thinking of Zander. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that at least there is nothing physically wrong with him, excepting the temporary issues he causes for himself.

    Cute pun, by the way. You are very witty. :0)family

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