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Tim’s Birthday, Gabe’s Screaming, and a Get-Away

January 24, 2007

Tim’s 27th birthday was Monday, but because of a hectic work day, we just had a low-key evening. I took this picture of Tim and Gabe conversing together, and thought I would share it with you. You see my heart in this picture =0)

Gabe has learned a new trick. Tim and I are calling it his, “NOT THE MAMA! NOT THE MAMA!” trick, which is actually a pretty good title for it. Gabe screamed at Grandma and Grandpa Edwards this past weekend, his godfather Shaun on Sunday and then his godmother Bianca on Monday, stopping only when I held him and cuddled him. I really felt bad because I know the people who hold him love him SO MUCH! but I also kinda felt a little special – Gabe loves me! Gabe knows that I’m his mama! (To paraphrase Sally Fields, ‘He loves me, he really loves me!’) My Mom described that feeling as the best kind of paycheck a mother can get – and part of what makes being a stay-at-home mom worthwhile. She’s right:) I’m enjoying spending my days with Gabe – I plan to finish my degree starting this fall, but I intend to enjoy every minute of Gabe-time until then!Spring semester is back in session here at UWP, and I’m actually missing some parts of school. After my chancellor’s list semester I’ve just felt burned out – I’d start each semester already dreading everything, which usually is a midterm kinda thing. This year off seems to have been the cure I needed – I can’t wait to get back into my psychology, biology and especially sociology classes! Woo!

Tim and I are planning a vacation! An official vacation! A “take time off work” vacation! A vacation like we haven’t had since our wedding! I love exclamation points! We are planning on going up to Minnesota sometime next month,… we’ll take Gabe to the Mall of America. I’ve never been there, and Tim was there so long ago that we’re both super excited about it. Gabe will come too – we plan to stay at a hotel with shuttle service, and I think we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves as much if we were constantly checking in to see how he was. We are also tentatively planning on visiting our friend Nicole and our godson, Branden, since they live up there somewhere. I can deliver him his Christmas and birthday presents in person! It’s hard to believe that he is almost a year old – it’s hard to believe that a year ago I was starting to feel morning sickness. (Everyone said I would forget how terrible my morning sickness was by now. They were both right and wrong. I remember how terrible it was, but I also have a cute cute baby to balance my perspective. And it was so totally worth it!)

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