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A Little Champagne Goes A LONG Way…

January 29, 2007

Tim and I tackled housekeeping chores this weekend – Saturday was devoted to laundry. Isn’t it sad that a whole day can be tied up with one, simple chore? And as usual, I have a Long! Convoluted! Explanation!

I met Tim in college – we were officially engaged the summer after he graduated, and married a year and a half later (December 2005). And while Tim surely enjoys the married life, he had a few remnants of his single days in college, such as extra of everything clothing related in an attempt to avoid doing his laundry just One More Day.

Saturday we finally cleaned out all those extra clothes. I don’t want it to sound like just Tim cleaned out his clothes – I went through all my clothes and tossed out my maternity wear (nine months can be very rough on such a limited wardrobe!) and my pre-baby clothes (my “down-to-there” sparkly top may be pretty, but it just doesn’t quite fit my new role). And Gabe, surprisingly, had the most clothes of all of us,… some of which are heading to St. Vinnie’s, and some of which are heading to my cousin Greg and his wife who recently found out they are expecting a boy!

Sunday Tim and I cleaned our house top to bottom. We cleaned out the fridge, we wiped down the cupboards, and mopped the floors. Unfortunately this is the house we’re moving OUT of, so we won’t be able to actually enjoy all that work – but it had to be done. So, last night we celebrated a job well done with a special supper and glasses of champagne. Erm, “I” celebrated with glasses of champagne – I slowly sipped my glass as I made supper, then I finished Tim’s glass during the meal (which was ONLY because he didn’t like it and had a glass of his Blackstone merlot instead!). And, erm, well, I really enjoyed the bubbly. But I should have stopped after my first glass, because I may have felt completely sober when I went to bed last night, but my head is protesting Gabe’s 3 am feeding a bit!

Just a Note: My camera seems to have pooped out on me – which means no more pictures of Gabe’s adorable cuteness! Instead of getting all depressed, I’m looking on the bright side. Not only will Tim have something to tease me about for years, but now I get to buy an even nicer digital camera! More pictures of Gabe’s adorable cuteness! If anyone has any advice regarding a nice, not-too-expensive digital camera, preferably with 10x optical zoom,… please let me know:)

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