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Did You Know It’s Cold In Wisconsin In Winter?

February 2, 2007

All Smiles, originally uploaded by timmyheather.

When I woke up this morning it was -6.7 degrees outside. Which, I can tell you, just made me feel like pulling on another pair of fuzzy socks, throwing another blanket over my nice warm bed and staying curled up until spring. Gabe was crying for a poopie diaper change, which made me think staying in bed til summer might be even better!

Tomorrow is supposed to be one of (if not THE) coldest day of the year, so Tim and I are planning on hiding inside with hot cocoa, a pile of books, and maybe a couple of board games. I HAD planned on going shopping for some special Valentines day stuff, but I feel cold just LOOKING at lingerie, so I think that will wait until next weekend.

I do have my new camera (today’s posted picture of Gabe might have been a clue, huh?) and so if you want to see how much he’s grown since last week, check out my Flickr site. Today he cried right on schedule for his morning nap, only he didn’t want to sleep. He wanted me to put him down so he could play on his playmat. *Sigh* I knew he’d grow up and want me to leave him alone someday,… I just thought I had a little longer!

(Although I think I’m safe, at least until he figures out how to change his own poopie diapers!)

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