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A Normal Parenting Adventure, Right?

February 4, 2007

Tim and I had all the intentions in the world of staying in this weekend – cuddling and staying cozy since it’s bitter cold out. Gabe, however, decided that we needed a bit more,… adventure,… in our weekend.

Saturday morning started out rather normal, Gabe fussed, I changed his diaper and fed him a bottle. It wasn’t until I realized he wasn’t planning on stopping fussing that I discovered he was running a fever,… 100.9 under the arm. Okay. I cuddled him and called my mommy for advice (since that’s just what I do in cases of emergency) and just tried to keep him as soothed as possible.

Which worked. His fever was down to 99.6 degrees the next time I checked. Yay! Go the power of mommy-ness, right?

His fever spiked again in the afternoon, and he developed two stages of alertness – sleeping and screaming. Tim and I made the decision to take him to Urgent Care, where he’s seen by the emergency room doctors and nurses but it only costs as much as an office visit – unless of course he needs lab work or x-rays. (Of course he needed lab work and x-rays!)

My baby was a VERY unhappy baby. His fever was 103.2 when the nurse took his temp and he ended up needing abdominal x-rays and chest x-rays and anti-biotic shots (in BOTH thighs!) and suppositories and a whole bunch of other meannesses.

We were allowed to bring Gabe home this evening with a diagnosis of an ear infection in both ears, lungs that had the “hazy” look of “walking” pneumonia, and a tummy ache from excess poop and gas. I think he’s feeling better (probably the Motrin) but I’m not sure how to give him his prescribed anti-biotic since he keeps throwing it (and his latest bottle) up every time I try.

When I think back on our very traumatic day, I think the X-ray room was the hardest. Gabe was sick and miserable, he had to be firmly held in place for the x-rays,…. and I couldn’t be in there on the off chance that I might POSSIBLY maybe be pregnant. (That’s not an announcement, cause if I actually was, I’d be many things, but not super thrilled. Not 4 months later. It was just a precaution.) The saddest part? Gabe would just cling to me and start to doze when I’d run to him after each session…. I couldn’t stand to see him clinging to me and know I’d have to leave him in just a minute or two…

I realize that today was probably one of those normal parenting adventures (because they can’t ALL be fun) but I can’t help but feel an emotional lump in my chest tonight. Because, even though I really really want to,… I can’t always just kiss it and make it better.

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  1. holly permalink
    February 7, 2007 4:39 pm

    unfortunately, one of the parental rites of passage is realizing that helplessness when your baby is sick and you just can’t make them well with love and comfort alone. I’m glad y’all survived that traumatic episode, it’ll give you a little bit of experience to deal with the next situation. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

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