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Put A Cork In It?

February 6, 2007

Gabe is recovering from his ear infections well, and he’s almost back to the giggly and cheery baby he is when all is well. Almost, because he’s still sleeping more than usual, and he still cries a bit more than usual – he also still gags and throws up a little bit, but I think that’s because he sticks his finger as far as he can into his mouth! And then cries when I take it out of his mouth,… so he puts it back and then cries when he gags,…

The doctor was concerned because Gabe’s abdomen was filled with poop and gas,… so he had us use glycerin suppositories to help Gabe “go” more often. I’m not sure what happened, but ever since we brought Gabe home he’s had NO problem going to the bathroom. We have not done a thing and Gabe is filling his pants after every bottle. Which is a good thing, since he’s been on corn syrup to help “motivate” all that since we were forced to switch to formula, and now he’s very much “motivated” all by himself!

There are two distinct reasons why I feel kinda silly celebrating all Gabe’s poopies:

1. My baby went from ONE poopie diaper a day to FOUR poopie diapers a day. Which means I have THREE more poopie diapers to handle/smell/change than before, not to mention I spend a larger chunk of my day smelling baby butt. Does anybody else want to take over the joys of Poopie Dance for me?

2. I had to CUT OFF one of Gabe’s onesie’s because there was No Way In Heck I was pulling THAT over his head. When I say Gabe filled his pants? I mean he literally filled his pants. His socks were soaking before I even got to the Velcro on his diaper.

I can’t help but wonder; Was there was some sort of cork in there, and the suppository helped it motivate it’s way out? I keep reminding myself (as I hold my breath!) that if it’s good for Gabe, then it’s good for all of us, but then I discover that Gabe not only filled his pants, but he leaked everything on my pants as well!

Which is actually pretty funny, and I’m sure I’ll laugh about it later. But for now, does anybody have a clothes pin I can borrow?!

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