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Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2007

I’ve just dragged my ass off the couch to blog you all a happy V~Day, and I hope my dedication in the face of a fever and aches and pains and other unpleasant aspects of the flu means you’re all having the best day ever, surrounded by loved ones:)

Tim came down with a pretty nasty bug on Thursday night, but we were pretty sure that it was food poisoning since Tim decided to find out if the milk in our fridge was still good by drinking it (It wasn’t…). And since he was better a day later (Friday night I made him stay home just in case because I’m mean like that!) we (stupidly) thought I was okay.

Until Monday night, when I came down with Tim’s “food poisoning” that is. I have spent most of my week on the couch. Yesterday Tim took care of Gabe and helped me to the bathroom (I was so weak I could barely stand) and ran out for juice and TheraFlu, but today he had to go back to work. Our friend Jackie “stole” Gabe for a couple of hours today so I could sleep (and Gabe played “NOT THE MAMA!” for her….) and Bianca stopped by to see how I was…. and I don’t know how I could have taken care of myself and Gabe without them.

So much of my parenting experiences make me appreciate single parents more and more,… because I struggle sometimes to get through the hard times, and that’s with another parent to help. I can’t help but admire any person brave enough to be a single mom or dad!

Other than the sickies, our weekend was fun and interesting,.. I bought some Yankee candles and a new cookbook, and Tim completed his Settlers of Catan collection. My in-laws, Bob and Gloria, are coming to visit their grandson this weekend (and hopefully us too;) and I’ve got a big Tuscan dinner planned to celebrate,… and I hope I’m up and about soon because the one thing absolutely necessary to cooking an elaborate dinner is the ability to stand up!

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