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Genetic Pride

February 20, 2007

Update: If it helps, I’m not entirely serious about all this “cutest baby” stuff. In fact, sometimes I’m downright sarcastic about it. Because you know what? No baby’s dirty diaper is EVER cute! And baby boogers? Icky icky icky. I just thought I’d clarify,… since this post was ambiguous in it’s sarcastic-ness.

After a VERY COLD spell for the past couple of weeks, it finally warmed up today. Since the sun was shining, there was no worries of slippery roads and I had a case of cabin fever building up, Gabe and I decided to meet Tim at his office for lunch and let his co-workers see Gabe for the first time since November.

Which leads me to my thought of the day. I know I have the cutest baby in the world,… and yes, I still love hearing that he’s so cute:) But I can’t help but wonder WHY I feel so proud and accomplished when somebody compliments me about having a cute baby. After all, it’s not like I actually planned Gabe’s cuteness level in advance,… it was kinda one of those “you get what comes out” situations. I’m pretty sure my uterus has a “no return policy.” Just saying.

I guess I’m proud that Tim’s and my genetics worked out so well together. And that proud little smile that I can’t quite hide when I hear someone say, “You have such a cute baby!”? Well, that’s just my genetics appreciating being appreciated, I guess.

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  1. February 20, 2007 5:38 pm

    Well Gabe sure does look adorable in those pictures. Let’s chat again at age 12 and see how stinking cute he is then.

  2. February 21, 2007 6:13 am

    you absolutely should be proud of your accomplishment! you did alot of work to bring that baby into the world, and that was the easy part; raising him will be a never ending job. so enjoy the compliments, you’ve earned them. by the way, I LOVE the new header!

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