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Siblings, Snow and Ice

February 26, 2007

Tim started his mini-vacation on Thursday, although I’m not sure we did vacation-y things, since we spent the day cleaning and organizing various parts of the house. I got most of the house tidied up and ready for my sibling’s visit.

Thursday night we drove 2 hours north to Beaver Dam to swap passengers with my Mom and Jim,… which was a rather hectic 10 minutes, since everyone was trying to get the “best” seat in the van and admire Gabe. I got to talk briefly to Mom, but since she was dealing with a bit of pink eye we didn’t actually get to hug,… she didn’t even get to hold Gabe!

It’s impossible to get 3 teenagers situated in our house without a bit of headache,… but that isn’t exactly my sibling’s fault. Since Tim and I are pretty set in our ways here, and our habits tend to mesh well together (he knows I get jittery around clutter,.. I know he gets crabby around loud noise…) it’s kind of a shock when that routine is shaken up a bit. I suppose it’s good for us to have our lives shaken up a bit,… after all, we’ve got the terrible two’s coming up in a year and a half and I’m pretty sure that’s going to shake things up!

Our weekend plans were changed by the bad winter mix that started Friday evening and lasted until this afternoon,… which meant no shopping, no “out and about” activities,…. no escape from each other. I suppose it wasn’t so bad,… my siblings got to hold and play with Gabe to their heart’s content, my sisters watched Grey’s Anatomy on dvd and Danny played Zelda – Twilight Princess and did homework when forced.

Shaun braved the snow to visit on Saturday, and we played board and card games and made Extreme Nachos,… and watched the pretty pretty snow and wind outside create “white-out” conditions.

Sunday the kids were supposed to go back, but the roads were so wet, and the temperature was so close to freezing that Tim decided to put it off. LeeAnn may have been a tiny bit upset because she had to spend extra time away from her boyfriend,… but she got over it when she realized it meant an extra day with her nephew:)

Another complication was that pesky bug that seems to be hanging around,… Saturday night Becca threw up and then dealt with a fever all day Sunday, and Danny spent today on the couch with the same thing. I would almost be concerned that it’s something environmental, except that Tim and I are not getting sick again,…. which would make it a virus, right?

I took pictures and plan to post more tomorrow, but I thought I would update quickly now, since Tim, Gabe and I just got back from another trip to Beaver Dam to re-transfer the kids, and I realize just how long it’s been since my last update. Have you missed me?

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  1. March 7, 2007 10:15 am

    It sounds like quite the exchange!

    I can’t wait to see pics from Beaver Dam.

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