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Weekend Update: A little Sleep and Alot of Games

March 5, 2007

We had a wonderfully quiet and game-filled weekend with just a little bit of baby sleeplessness. I’m not sure if Gabe is going through a growth-spurt or if he’s coming down with something, but he’s been a little “off” lately. Saturday I couldn’t feed him enough, but that night he ended up coughing and coughing so I held him and lightly dozed in the recliner until morning. I’m not sure that cuddling actually fixed anything, but it seemed to clear up that cough. Sunday, on the other hand, I couldn’t get Gabe to eat much at all, and he slept for hours and hours. Again we had a rough night, but this time he kept waking up and fussing until I either started his crib music box or finally carried him to the recliner (again) to sleep in my arms.

Thankfully Gabe seems to be more his “normal” self, although he still is sleeping more than usual.

The rest of our weekend involved games and cooking. Shaun came over and we played Killer Bunnies, Citadels and Guillotine. I may have lost several times (I’m not sure I even won once, actually!) but it was a fun time.

The only truly remarkable thing that I did this weekend was make an entire pot of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup, and believe me, it tastes even better than the restaurant’s recipe. Or maybe it tasted the same, since I was pretty sure it was the same recipe.

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