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Weekend Antics

March 12, 2007

Cross-Eyed Cutie
Originally uploaded by timmyheather.

I’m posting a picture of our trip about town with Gabe on Saturday. We had a nice time walking down “historic” Platteville’s Main Street, and we stopped in at a little shop that will assemble meals for you. It’s like home-cooking without the work, and I really like it when Tim spoils me by taking me there. This time we tried the Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas dish, which was good, although not quite as great as our favorite from there, Sweet Potato Stew with chick peas over couscous.

Doesn’t that just sound wonderful? It was enough to *almost* convince Tim that being a vegetarian wouldn’t be so bad:)

Spring break started at UWP on Friday, but Shaun stayed an extra day to play games with Tim and I. We’ve definitely established a weekend tradition here, and in general I really enjoy it. For the most part. Unless my ass gets handed to me in a truly evil game of Citadels. Just saying. But still, despite that minor setback, we all had fun.

Sunday was just a quiet day for us, with a lot of Gabe cuddling and TV watching. We got Penn and Teller’s season 3 of Bullshit (no kidding, that’s the actual name of the show!) and that sparked a bit of friendly marital debate. It’s a good thing that Tim and I ended up with each other, since we both love a good argument, but we know how to keep it friendly:)

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