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Ants in My Pants

March 14, 2007

If you had knocked on my door today, you’d have found my house in complete disarray. The recliner was resting upside down and the couch’s tapestry cushions were stacked haphazardly in an out-of-the-way corner of the living room. The kitchen had Gabe’s baby toys scattered around, looking very lost in their new environment, and the counters had organized piles of detritus that had yet to be relocated.

You could say that I’m spring cleaning, and you’d be right. You could also say that I obviously have ants in my pants, or a bee in my bonnet, and you might also be right. It depends on the intent of your analogy:) Since I can’t sit still, and since my mind is racing ahead of my limbs, both could be applicable.

I’ve been stressed over something that is, well, stressful. And how do I deal with stress? It involves activity, preferably non-stop, since I’ve got tons and tons of nervous energy when I’m working out complex problems that are frustrating or alarming me in some way.

When I was planning my wedding my stress created another unique problem. Not only was I planning a wedding, and orchestrating so many of the details, but I was preparing for my final exams too. I lost so much weight that my dress literally had to be taped on me to stay up. You can’t necessarily tell in the pictures, but I had more “aids” to prevent a wardrobe malfunction than Janet Jackson (…..wait a minute…..)

I’ve gotten more done today that I did all winter, or at least it feels that way. I’m pretty sure I’ll regret it if I don’t go to sleep in the next couple of minutes, but I’m debating whether I can squeeze another load of laundry into my night, or maybe just reorganize one more closet.

Can someone stage an intervention?

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  1. March 15, 2007 6:30 am

    keeping yourself occupied sometimes helps with the stress. sometimes not. either way, you’re doing things that need to be done sooner or later, although it sounds like you’re going to be tired in the morning, dealing with gabe.

    stress has a strange way of becoming a physical companion. it takes and gives so much energy. in this case, you seem to have an over-abundance of it. just don’t over do it.

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