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Visiting My Family

March 25, 2007

Tim and I decided to head up to the Appleton/Green Bay area this weekend because we realized that my mom had not really spent any time with Gabe since Christmas. So much has changed in the past three months, and Gabe is so much bigger and more developed that he was. Just think, 3 months is half his lifetime so far!

We tried to have as leisurely a trip as possible so we drove up Saturday morning and arrived in Green Bay with enough time to meet Mom, Jim and Daniel for supper at Grazies. It was kind of hard to converse over the Saturday night crowd noise, but Mom visited with us for awhile after supper while Jim and Danny went to the World of Wheels (a car show). I was thrilled that she had the chance to really and truly cuddle her grandson for the first time in way too long!

Sunday we planned to spend with my mom and siblings again, but we ended up having some “extra” time while waiting for them to come back from church, so we stopped in at my grandparent’s house. I enjoyed visiting with my grandma and grandpa, but Gabe really enjoyed getting to know and cuddle with both of them. It may have helped that Grandpa gave him a toy that moved! and made noise! and had lights! and came apart!

My grandma has been on a mission to lose weight, and it was amazing to see how much “less” of her there was since I’d last seen her at Christmas. I have a gorgeous grandma! She showed me the dress she wants to fit into (a brown and turquoise sheath with a jacket) and I think it’s really cute. She inspires me to start exercising myself,… I no longer have cold, wintery weather keeping me and Gabe inside:)

The visit with my mom was just wonderful. She made us a really yummy chicken dinner with all the trimmings and then fed Gabe his first taste of carrots. (I have pictures – they should be uploaded tomorrow). My brothers and sisters also had opportunites to visit with him, and I only took about 140 pictures of the whole event. (Don’t worry, I don’t actually plan on uploading all of them!)

We’re back home now and glad to be here. I’ve got so many thoughts in my head that I want to blog about at the moment, but I figure a basic update was in order,… I’ll save the introspections for another day:)

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