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Late is Better than Never, Right Tom?

March 27, 2007

I told my brother that I’d have pictures of this weekend uploaded this (Tuesday) afternoon,… unfortunately, my definition of afternoon seems to be (Wednesday) 12:09am. Which may be a little off…

Instead of sitting inside, in front of the computer, I was outside cleaning out my “Mommy-mobile” of a van. It was a job, but somebody had to polish the vinyl, Windex the windows and scrub the floor mats, and that somebody was me. I was trying out some new products, and so far I’m pretty thrilled with how they’ve worked. I especially like Febreze’s Auto fabric refresher, which has completely eliminated the last icky reminders of when we smoked.

Oh yeah. Did I mention we quit smoking? I’m really proud of the fact that Tim and I both managed to quit at the same time, and without a look back. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that not only do we smell MUCH better, but we’ve done the most important thing we could ever do for Gabe’s health. I have not blogged about it before because some studies indicate that most people who quit start up again in a couple of months. At this point we’ve beaten that and don’t miss it at all. Yay us! (I don’t even dream about smoking anymore!)

Tomorrow I have another trip to the dentist scheduled, this time for more basic care of my other (non-problematic) teeth. I’ve not talked much about that either, mostly because I hate going to the dentist and I know others share my feelings, and I don’t want you to visit my blog and feel hate. So? No more about teeth. Until I’m miserable again;)

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  1. March 30, 2007 6:48 am

    congrats on the no more smoking! that’s a great accomplishment. rich stopped smoking in the house when tony was hospitalized with asthma 8 years ago. he still smokes, but not as much since he goes outside to do it. I wish I could get him to stop completely, but that has to be his decision, I reckon.

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