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We’ve Got HiGh HoPeS

April 2, 2007

I’ve been quite busy this weekend. On Saturday our friend Shaun came over to play games and help me with some projects I’ve got going on. He and Tim were great at entertaining each other (and Gabe) while I picked out my favorite pictures of Gabe the past six months and burning them to disk. I’ve made copies of them and I’m going to make my Mom a scrapbook for her birthday. She doesn’t have internet at home, so she doesn’t get to see my Flickr pictures as often as I’d like. This way I can make Gabe more accessible to her, at least until we move back to the area.

I’m also going to make myself a scrapbook, because those stickers and pages and stamps and odds and ends were just too cute to resist! And on clearance!!!

Tornadoes came through the general area on Saturday, which pointed out one weakness to not having cable TV anymore: no weather channel. We actually watched the storm sweep through town while dining on Chinese at the newly restored Asian Cafe here in Platteville, so there wasn’t really any problem this time. But I think I’ll keep a closer eye on! 

I realize I’ve not explained to anybody the “unfairness of life” that I blogged about last week,… please don’t take it personally. I can’t share it at the moment, although I sure would like to. When the dust settles I’m sure I’ll be able to talk more freely. I can tell you this. We are looking at this as simply a way to guide us. Tim and I have had some hopes and dreams, but we’ve put them off for a “better” time. At this point? We figure “better” is just around the corner and are looking forward to the change!

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  1. April 4, 2007 7:11 pm

    Tornadoes?! Eck!

    Looking forward to reading about what’s around the corner 😀

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