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The Best 6 Months So Far!

April 5, 2007

Yesterday was April 4th, and exactly six months since Gabe was born. He’s gotten a lot bigger, a bit more vocal and MUCH more coordinated since then, but he’s still my little bug, angel boy and sweetheart. I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday cuddling him and tickling him and just being thankful that he’s in my life.

This is just a little thing, but it reminds me that I have to treasure each moment with Gabe as a baby, cause he’s growing up SO FAST! When we first introduced baby foods to Gabe, he absolutely loved sweet potatoes. Straight. In fact, we couldn’t spoon them into his mouth fast enough. Now? He absolutely HATES sweet potatoes unless they’re mixed into his rice cereal, and I can’t spoon the green beans in fast enough! I wonder what he will like next week?

I’ve finally been putting our breadmaker to good use. I first tried a basic loaf of bread, then yesterday decided to try out a tomato basil recipe that sounded good. Since I made spagetti sauce in the crock pot while Gabe was napping, everything was set for a nice, homemade dinner when Tim walked in the door. I absolutely love the smell of freshly baked break and Tim absolutely loves the taste of freshly baked (and still toasty warm) bread, so it’s good all around. I can’t wait until Gabe can try wheat products, since he watches us eat with sad eyes. He could teach puppy dogs a thing or two, I think!

Also Gabe has been sucking almost non-stop on a stuffed Easter bunny that Grandpa and Grandma “Easter Bunny” sent him. He’s getting to the point that he’s got his favorite toys, and stuffed animals are always a hit:)

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  1. April 7, 2007 6:19 pm

    happy 6 month birthday, gabe!!

    heather, hasn’t it gone by quicker than you could ever have imagined? they just grow so fast! I love my bread maker, but I only use it to knead nowadays. one day rich actually told me he didn’t like the square bread, something about it. so, I just started baking it in a regular bread pan, after the machine does all the work; funny thing, he loves that bread! someday I may tell him the truth…

    happy easter.

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