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Why My Wallet Hurts

April 18, 2007

I’m looking out my kitchen windows and seeing green grass and tiny leaves on the trees, which means we’re in the thick of birthday season again. In theory I always have a personal and thoughtful gift prepared for each person on their birthday, but more often than not I end up dashing off a note on Facebook or through email as I wonder where I put that card I picked up the last time I went shopping. (The card ends up in my collection of cards to wait the next chance to be forgotten.) The gift? Well, if I managed to remember, it sits on the counter waiting forlornly for the next time I run to the post office, which considering the amount of baby gear that I have to drag with me, isn’t that often.

Maybe I should just post a blog that says “Happy Birthday if you were born in March, April, May or June. Unfortunately, that isn’t the best way to come across as a sincere person (especially if I want presents and cards and well-wishes come August!) :o(

This year I feel rather fortunate, since I’ll be able to take care of four birthdays at once! On Saturday Tim, Gabe and I are going to visit Gabe’s Great-Grandpa, who is having a birthday at the end of the month, then (after a trip to the New Zoo) on Sunday we’ll have a birthday party for my Mom and my brother, both of whom celebrate a birthday this month. While I’m there I’ll give my sister LeeAnn her present, since she turns 17 (!) in early May. (I can’t help but think 17 is wrong. There’s no way my itty-bitty-wittle-sister is so grown up! WAH!)

And best of all? I’ve got a personal and thoughtful gift prepared for everybody! Heck, I even have Mother’s Day gifts figured out! I would feel so good and on-top-of-of-the-freaking-world if I didn’t happen to look at my To Do list. At least stopping at the post office isn’t on there:o)

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