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A Whole Lot Packed Into One Post

April 26, 2007

It was absolutely wonderful to see both Tim’s and my families this past weekend, even though our visit was cut dramatically short. On Saturday we headed to Shawano for a visit with Tim’s Grandpa and I had a blast talking with him! In the past I’ve never known exactly what to say to Grandpa,… he’s always the nicest person but I don’t know much about running a business. This time was an unexpected enjoyment as we discovered we both enjoy Dancing With The Stars. We also chatted about Sanjaya having been voted off American Idol and talked about the Virginia Tech shootings and college life in general. The only thing I felt bad about was that Tim was sitting quietly(!) on the couch taking care of Gabe while I chatted away!

We visited the New Zoo in Green Bay with Bob and Gloria later that afternoon, and we had a blast. Several of the animals seemed as interested in checking us out as we were interested in checking them out, and we even had the chance to feed a giraffe! In general I always feel like crying when I go to a zoo, since I’m surrounded by animals that seem so sad being caged and away from their natural environment (I SO want to go on a photo safari someday!). However, I was much more impressed with the New Zoo than the Madison Zoo!

Gabe was, of course, thrilled to see the animals. Tim and I want to plan a weekend trip to Milwaukee and Chicago to visit the zoo and aquarium:o)

Saturday for supper we headed to Grazie’s and a visit with my brother Tom, who was tending bar. It was a good thing that we did this – not only because of the yummy food – but because we were planning on a birthday party on Sunday night for the April birthdays (including Tom’s) that we ended up missing.

After supper we headed to my Mom’s house, and visited with the rest of my siblings, Mom and Jim. I enjoyed watching Mom open her birthday presents, and she seemed to like everything, especially the scrapbook of baby pictures that Gabe gave her:) LeeAnn got a bunch of beads (including some of my prize Millefiori beads!) and the tools to start her own beading hobby,… she said she loved it. I especially loved the hug I got:o)

We were going to spend the night at Mom’s before shopping for a new suit for Tim on Sunday, but Gabe was not feeling well and quite grumpy after missing his afternoon nap in favor of the zoo and refused to sleep in anything but his own bed. Tim and I ended up heading to Platteville after 11pm and didn’t get home until 2:30am Sunday morning. I can’t tell you how tired I was, but I do think I overdosed a bit on caffeine, and it didn’t work a bit!

 Sunday was all about recovery,… Bianca came to spend the night, but we were all so exhausted (Bianca included) that we just ate pizza and went to bed.

This week has just been filled with housework and chores, although I am secretly thrilling over my hair. I got a Christmas present this week from Tim’s Uncle Todd, who sent me all sorts of girly things, including hair products. You would not believe how cool my hair is right now:)

I love the occasional pampering!

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