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Oh Yeah, Go Gabe!

April 27, 2007

So I’ve just finished my gazillion-ith trip in from our van, which was loaded down with rummage sale purchases. Gabe has a bunch of summery clothes (at .25 apiece) a really nice outfit with a button-up sweater for those late summer days/cooler evenings and a jacket/pants set for crisp fall days (4.00 each). Then we found the big fun things,.. a stroller with a baby carrier that clips right in (I didn’t get one for Gabe as a newborn and regretted it constantly – now I have one for his someday sibling!) and TWO bases; one for each vehicle (25.00). We got a 3 drawer organizer absolutely stuffed with Lego pieces (somebody’s childhood collection) and another box with several sets,… I don’t even want to imagine the retail cost of those! We also found Gabe some toys that I’d been drooling over recently: a dinosaur that spits out roll-arounds and a toy that pops balls out. Gabe now has a ton of books that he can chew on and drool on to his hearts content,.. for the 3.50 I spent I’m not determined to keep them in perfect condition.

Oh, and I love the little stuffed footstool-looking lion we found for 2.00 that Gabe will be able to play on when he starts walking.

Now I’ll admit that the Legos are as much for Tim and I as they are for a much more grown up Gabe, but in general I’d say Gabe made out like a bandit. Possibly because I forgot to look at anything BUT the baby stuff! But I’m humming the melody to “I Feel Good” in my head right now, because I DO feel good!

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