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My Fairly Unimportant Thoughts This Morning…

May 22, 2007

Gabe is just now going down for his morning nap – it’s a bit earlier than his usual 9:30 nap-time, but he woke Mama up at 5:30 this morning, which is a bit earlier than her 6:45 wake-up call, so we’re calling it even. Actually I’m not calling it anything, since I’m sitting at the computer trying to type quietly AND stifle the yawn-that-will-not-end. I’ve managed to sleep very badly the past two nights, even though Gabe is sleeping through the night again.

This past weekend Tim’s parents, Bob and Gloria came down to set up their camper at a nearby campsite and visit us a bit. This weekend we’re going to spend evenings enjoying marshmallows over their open campfire after cooling off in air-conditioned comfort. I must say that this Memorial Day will be a much nicer event than the past couple of years, since leases in Platteville end/begin on June 1st. Since Platteville is such a college town, moving is a huge city-wide event, with pick-up trucks piled high with mattresses lining the roads and yards piled high with boxes and totes waiting to be lugged in.

I’m enjoying not moving this time:o)

Tim’ brother, Brian, and his girlfriend Rachel are bringing their camper down this weekend as well, so it’ll be a good time. I’m hoping we’ll have a chance to fish the campsite’s private lake, because it would be so much fun to watch how big Gabe’s eyes can get when he sees his first silvery, wriggling fish.

I’m getting to the point where I feel guilty calling Gabe a baby. He’s doing so much and into everything within arm’s reach. He loves to touch things and is perfectly content to be involved in whatever Mama and Daddy are doing. Even his tiny little baby hands and facial features are gone,.. he looks like a little boy, from head to toes. Right now he’s sleeping and looking very cherubic, but even now he has more little boy about him than little baby. I’m just enjoying introducing him to new things – this week he’s discovered that sitting up in a shopping cart is a giggle-worthy ride, and mashed bananas are very yummy, unless he’s already full from a bowl of oatmeal! He has also discovered that he does NOT like apple juice (too sour) but he DOES love to baptize Mama with dribbles of juice from his sippy cup!

I think I’ll introduce Gabe to pear juice today – I’d like my pores to smell like something OTHER than apple cider:o)

BONUS: A picture of Gabe with a faux’hawk:o)


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  1. Timmy permalink
    May 22, 2007 8:38 am

    Our little baby is grow up soo fast isn’t he? Tonight is your turn to go to bed early and mine to get up with Gabe. 🙂

  2. May 24, 2007 8:05 am

    have a great weekend. I love camping, sitting around the campfire. I hope you sleep better the next couple of nights, so you can enjoy the family weekend.

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