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Hello Again

June 29, 2007

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve updated the blog – I’m so rarely online anymore, and I’ve missed this.

Much of my time has been taken up with Gabe. He’s now officially crawling (and almost always towards the stuff that I’d prefer to keep saliva free). He’s also pulling himself up to a standing position and often I find him leaning on the couch, jumping and giggling. He’s also working on talking,… he’s organizing sounds into speech patterns and practicing his “tone” and he says “mamamamam” and “dadadada” with pretty convincing regularity now.

My little boy is growing up, and keeping me very busy. If I’m doing something, he’s got to be doing it too. He likes banging on the keyboard and moving the mouse around when I’m on the computer (which REALLY inhibits my typing!) and he no longer plays with his toys if there’s anything “grown up” around – Mama’s flip flops and the universal remotes are favorite (probably because they’re forbidden) toys. Thankfully Gabe thinks wooden spoons and measuring bowls are the greatest toys in the world!

Because I’ve been so very worn out accomodating my pre-toddler, Tim has been trying to spoil me – and succeeding! He got me a coffee machine that grinds the beans before brewing (which makes it easier to open my eyes in the morning!) and a small counter-top dishwasher. It’s hard to keep the kitchen clean when Gabe insists on being the ONLY focus in the house!

I uploaded a couple of new pictures on Flickr this week Wednesday, so check out how big Bug is now!

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