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Happy 4th of July

July 5, 2007

This is a picture of my sister, LeeAnn, and her boyfriend, Jake, as they throw beads from the top of a firetruck to the crowds lining the annual Hilbert parade route. Tim, the Bug and I, along with my Mom and Jim and my younger siblings, were all able to watch the parade from the shade of a family friend’s front lawn. If you check out all the photos I uploaded from the parade (several pages worth!) you may notice a man in a red bandana and roller skates in several shots,… he was our very entertaining host!

I was worried that the Bug would be upset by all the horns, sirens and general noises that accompany a parade, but he was a perfect baby. He spent the entire parade very contented on Grandma’s lap while I took pictures. He surprised me by sleeping in the stroller, both that morning and in the afternoon when we wandered downtown Green Bay’s Fire Over The Fox festival. We didn’t get to stay long enough since Tim had to work today, but it was nice to be there at all, and it was wonderful to eat a carnie gyro! My little brother Danny came with us, and he had alot of fun too,.. the Bug really warmed up to him quickly!

Hands down, the best part of our holiday was visiting with our friend Jess who flew in from the East Coast, and our friend Travis. We had not seen either of them since Christmas, and there was much admiring of the Bug and catching up going on.

After all those activities, the drive home seemed much longer than the actual 4 hours it was. We crawled into bed as soon as we unpacked the essentials, and we’re planning on going to bed early tonight too!

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