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A Simple Fix (yeah right!)

July 7, 2007

The Bug has been going through an especially clingy time for the past month or so, and Tim and I are really hoping this is one thing he grows out of fast! Unfortunately, while Bug’s in this stage, I’m dealing with the cutest-ever-but-still-hindering-daily-chores-extra-sponge-for-attention instead of doing basic chores like dishes and laundry as much as I should.

Tim found what seemed like a simple and effortless solution – he bought me a dishwasher. It’s really cute and fits on my counter, and it has plenty of space for the dishes the three of us make without taking up much room in the kitchen. The best part is that it has an attachment that just snaps onto our faucet, so there’s no real work involved in installing it – just snap and you’re set.

Unfortunately, after we had the dishwasher out of the box, we discovered that it wouldn’t actually snap to the faucet on our sink. Tim searched high and low for the adapter that would connect the hose, and we found a description of it online, but not any actual source for it. Tim resolved the issue by just picking up a new, easy-to-install faucet.

It wasn’t until he tried to install it that he discovered he’d picked up the very same faucet model that was ALREADY causing us problems!

Another shopping trip, and another faucet later, Tim was ready to try to change everything over. After the adventures of finding the water shut-off valve and unscrewing the water hoses, he finally had the new faucet all attached and screwed on and ready to go – that is until we discovered that one of the hoses leaked. And leaked. And leaked.

We ended up having to replace part of the hose, which was an extra adventure, but Tim handled it well. When he took the part to be replaced into ACE Hardware this morning, the guy there told us that he hasn’t seen anything like that in years,…. 30 years, to be exact!

So our simple solution wasn’t so very simple in the end, but I’ve finally got a working dishwasher, running water and a new sink,… all without any leaks. And Tim and I had an adventurous Saturday, and a few not-so-free lessons on plumbing. The moral of our story? Nothing is as easy as it sounds,… and next time we’re just calling a plumber!

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  1. July 10, 2007 5:52 am

    don’t you just LOVE those easy little home improvement projects? even better, the way they snowball?! sometimes it’s enough to make me miss apartment living. not for long, though 😀

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