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Hot Mama

July 27, 2007

I’ve been a bit busy today, baking root beer cookies for our weekend activities and cleaning up all the inevitable clutter that is a part of any house with a baby and an 11-year-old boy in it. My brother Danny is visiting, and has been all week – he’s played my Kingdom Hearts II game and bounced Gabe around to his heart’s content.

Bob and Gloria stopped by this morning/early afternoon for a brief visit on their way back home from a month-long camping trip. Tim was kind of disappointed that he was at work during their stay, but they had to move on to another campground tonight, so couldn’t stay long. An interesting tid-bit: Bob and Gloria were heading to the same destination today, with the same people (Tim’s godparents), as they did the day Tim, Gabe and I first headed home after Gabe’s birth. For some reason, that thought flitted through my mind….

Now that all the cookies are baked and cooling on the table, I’m able to sit and enjoy the air-conditioning. It’s kind of warm to be baking!

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